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Harmonium PRO special

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Harmonium PRO special
€ 1.200,00

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Scale-changer foldable PRO is ideal for experienced musicians, who seek a top quality instrument with all extras and the largest range of functional possibilities for use in all kinds of different contexts.

Superior workmanship makes this our top-of-the-line harmonium. The whole keyboard of three octaves can be shifted in half note steps from g sharp up to e (scale-changer) - which makes transposing child's play! Each note is fitted with three reeds in high, middle and low octave (female / male / bass).

They can be played separately or in various combinations, giving many different tonal colours. When using the octave coupler up to six reeds can be played simultaneously with just one key, creating a particularly powerful, rich and carrying sound. However, the more reeds are used the more air needs to be pumped with the bellows.

The multifold side bellows give you all possibilities of using air supply for dynamic artistic expression.

The level height of the keys can be adjusted.

The instrument can be folded into an integrated wooden case for safe carrying with one hand and storage at home.

A special feature is the surface treatment with wax in order to enhance the beauty of the natural wood veining.

Total range of 3 3/4 octaves (= 45 notes), moveable keyboard of three octaves (= 37 notes), triple reeds (female / male / bass), four register stops, five drone stops, lower octave coupler, 5-fold side bellows, adjustable keys, cabinet made of dark stained teak wood, wedges for easy opening, surfaces wax treated, integrated wooden case, including cover.

Measure (folded): height 19 cm, width 61 cm, depth 36 cm, weight 17 kg Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.

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